The Horror of working at a Toy store

Do you want a super easy and cost-effective birth control? Well all you have to do is apply to work at a big box toy store. While some might think its fun to work with a bunch of toys, its not anything close to a playdate. The lunch room furniture was not made of lego and we didn’t have an endless supply of candy. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns all the time, thats for sure.

I was hired as a seasonal employee to work through Christmas. This is basically the worst time for any person who works in retail. The store hired lots of us to manage the insanity that is Christmas-shopping-parents. Since it was such a large group of new recruits, we didn’t have a lot of training. We had to rotate in each training exercise, so we didn’t get enough hands on experience. giphy (14).gifWith very little training or confidence I was on the floor with huge lines full of impatient shoppers, who have been at the mall all day and still need to buy gifts for two other cousins and that one weird Uncle you have. It was a mad house in there.

Not only did I have to learn the POS system and all the information customers would ask about, I also had to learn a sales pitch for a warranty program they offered. Depending on how well you did with selling warranty, the bosses would then determine if they wanted to hire you full-time when peak was over. So, when I started working there that was something that I really wanted to do well on. I used to sell warranty when I worked at a tech store, so I thought I would be selling warranty for gaming systems, games, instruments, and other big items. Well… I thought wrong. This was a warranty on all toys. Every item in that store had some type of warranty. Every item except maybe candy. But because I didn’t work in the electronics section, I never really saw big ticket items at my till. I mean, how was I supposed to sell warranty on cheap ass toys? Like “Excuse me miss, do you wanna buy warranty on a fucking Barbie?” Because literally you can. Pretty much everyone turned me down. It was stupid AF to buy a warranty on a toy where its cheap enough just to replace it if necessary. I even cringed every time I saw that warranty window pop up on my computer. I felt bad for everyone I had to give a sales pitch to. Sorry for your 30 seconds that I wasted!

I tried to use the music that played in the store as a way to make the time go by. I started noticing that I was pretty familiar with all of the songs. It was a perfect playlist for me while wasting time at my register. Every shift I had, I noticed I was hearing a lot of the same songs. Like dang, I knew the radio was repetitive but not this repetitive. By the third shift, I shared my thoughts with a coworker who informed me that its the same playlist for a long long time. When December hit it was Christmas music all the time. I had never hated Christmas so much in my life before. But hey, at least I can recite all the words to every Christmas song in existence ever!

giphy (13).gif
Ever since Frozen came out, Frozen toys are high in demand. Of course all the kids at my store lived for that fucking snowman. Disney put the Frozen characters on pretty much every item that the toy store sells. There is a Frozen version of anything and everything. Don’t even ask me how many times I’ve heard ‘Let it Go.’ We really need to let that go people!


Once we closed, kicked out our final customers and closed up the registers, we had to organize the aisles. Everyone in the store, regardless of their position had to stay until this process was finished. Now, it may sound easy to quickly organize the store with all those people. But it is actually a brutal process. Imagine a very loud, obnoxious child in a toy store. They are on a sugar high and giphyare so excited to look at all the toys. What do you think they do to our lovely displays that we organize the night before? Of course, they destroy any type of organization that existed. They pick up toys, throw them down in random places, knock down a bunch of product, leave products in wrong sections and overall just make a huge ass mess. If you take into account the size of my store, which is a massive store, and the amount of work it is to pick up every single item in the store and align them on the shelves neatly, you can imagine that its pretty terrible.

Another gross thing about working at this particular toy store was the washrooms. The washrooms the staff used were the public washrooms in our store, which was open to anyone who walked in plus their nasty kids. The washrooms were left so disgusting by the time the store closed where most of the time I just didn’t use theirs at all. This may be TMI, but like the sights I have seen were horrendous.

Bonus Story! I was cashing out this mom who was with her toddler daughter. I had a decent size line of people building up behind her. I’m scanning through a few of the small puzzles that the mom placed on the counter, just doing my normal routine. Then the final item of their purchase was this play grocery shop cart. The little girl was standing right in front of me, giving me a crazy death stare, with a tight grip on this cart. I needed to grab the item because the scanner wouldn’t reach all the giphy (12).gifway to the ground where the girl was. So I bent down to her, reached my hand out for the small plastic shopping cart, and then… had a young toddler scream in my face. Just like a chihuahua, she looked small and cute at first but once you made her mad she became evil. She hated that I tried to take this precious thing from her. I kept looking for help from the mother but literally she didn’t say anything until the daughter started to make a scene. She then dealt with her kid and passed me the cart to scan. I cashed them out and continued with the rest of my line.  Kids, what a joy.

If you work at a toy store, good for you! You are a very strong person.

giphy (1).gif

– Jordan❤

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10 Things Late 90s Kids Will Remember

Nostalgia! Good ol’ nostalgia will put a smile on anyone’s face. As you start to remember the things that were a part of your life that you loved and lived, you can’t help but just want to return to the past and party it up. While browsing through reddit, I came across a post about peoples favourite things in the late 90’s and 2000’s and I was instantly brought down memory lane. Here is a Throwback to my childhood.


1. High School Musical

You can admit it… you’ve seen High School Musical. Maybe you’ve seen all three. Maybe you still know all the words to all the songs. You have the CD’s in your car and sometimes jam out to them? You learned all the dance moves when they aired the Dance Along versions? You sometimes really want to watch it for old times sake? No? Just me? giphy (7)

The phenomenon known as High School Musical first came out in 2006! 10 years ago! It was the place we met this beautiful specimen, Zac Efron. We thought high school was a place of basketball jocks who bake, crazy theatre kids who rule the school, nerds who love hip hop and skateboarder cellists. We thought high school was a place where you would just break out into song if anything notable happened. I thought we wgiphy (8)ere supposed to all come together in the school gym and perform a choreographed number spontaneously. Newsflash kids, that sadly doesn’t happen. I remember teaching all of the girls in my class the choreography to “We’re All in this Together” during lunch recess. And I do admit while playing a softball game I was singing “I Don’t Dance” in my head. I pulled out some of my moves when I played outfield. I wasn’t very good so the coach put me on the field in the place where least balls go to. More time to live out my fantasy of dancing with Ryan and Chad.


2. Young Justin Bieber

Whether you logiphy (5).gifved him or hated him, Justin’s side swoop hair and high-pitched voice went straight to my heart. The song that made him famous, One Time, came out in 2009. Feel old yet? I do. My goal in grade 8 was to be the One Less Lonely Girl at Justin’s concert. I could’ve gone on stage in my Justin Bieber t-shirt, with Justin Bieber face tattoos on my cheeks, Justin Bieber sunglasses, a Justin Bieber necklace and 7 Justin Bieber rubber wristbands and cried while Justin sang to me and thousands of girls screamed in jealousy at me. A true fact about me is that while in grade 7 I had a whole wall filled with posters of the Biebs. No wall space was bare. I woke up to lots of Justin’s smiling at me. Which also sounds like the plot to a horror movie starring a 13 year old boy in 2010. Regardless, I will never forget my first celeb crush, JB. Maybe one day Justin will claim his love for me, I mean… Never Say Never. 

3. Claire’s

FAO_Schwarz1Claire’s is a store I’m sure many of us girls are familiar with. It was the store you always hit up while you were walking around the mall with your friends and your mom shopped in a different store. But yet, we still felt totally cool and mature as we went shopping “by ourselves.” For many girls it was the place to get your ears pierced. For me it was the place where you could buy tons of squishy bright earrings that were shaped as various animals and desserts. Did I need an 8 pack of cupcake earrings in lots of fun colours? Hell yes I didI still go in there occasionally just to breathe in all that nostalgia and cheap- ass-products-marked-up to-ridiculous-prices smell.


4. MSN Messenger

MSN-FEATUREWhen I made my MSN account, my life became school… then hours of messenger. We all made stupid email names that we regretted as we got older, had the short “sup” and “nothing much” conversations, and customized your page with different colours and emoticons. Fun story, I was talking to a boy I really liked from school on msn. As I asked him “whats up” he responded with “nm jc”. In my head I was thinking “OMG, he just gave me the nickname JC. He must really like me.” (My initials are JC) I went on with the conversation for a while, sending cute messages until my best friend logged in. I messaged her instantly as I was so excited to update her on my progress with my crush. I shared my good news that he had been using a cute nickname for me, my best friend sadly informed me that “jc” was ‘just chilling’ in text talk. In that moment I learned that this boy may not like me back and also that I wasn’t cool and trendy as I thought.

5. The Cheetah Girls

They call themselves the Cheetah Girls because “the cheetah is the fastest, fiercest feline in the jungle.” The Cheetah Girls taught us to be unique, different and ourselves. And also taught me lots of dance steps. It also made giphy (6).gifme want to wear colour coordinated Juicy couture tracksuits with my squad. The empowering songs, fun fashion and sassy dance moves aren’t the only great parts of this movie. It also tackles more serious issues like different economic backgrounds, identity, race and the negative sides of the entertainment indsutry. Their song Cinderella changed the way we thought about fairytales. It stressed the idea of girl power. As the lyrics say “I’d rather rescue myself.” The Cheetah Girls will always have a special place in my heart. Shoutout to my ♬amigas, cheetahs, friends for life♬ 

6. The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Hilary Duff was my queen in elementary school. I wanted to be just like Lizzie. Then the giphy (2)movie came out. This is when my parents made Disney a lot richer. I alone probably helped their box office numbers significantly. I needed to see Lizzie and Gordo travel to Rome on the big screen multiple times. The Lizzie McGuire movie taught me class trips are an awesome place to meet your doppelgänger, impersonate them during a performance in front of thousands and be swooned by a handsome random man you meet. giphy (1) copyI found out this is not exactly true on my trip to New York with school. I did not perform at Radio City Music Hall as my long lost identical twin. That sucks. However, I did learn to not always trust a handsome face and most importantly learnt what dreams are made of!

7. After School Cartoons

The cartoons on Teletoon and Family Channel were the best. They were especially great when you could sit down and relax after your walk home from school.

giphy (1)

I always caught ‘Dave the Barbarian’ right as I got home after walking from school. Other shows that I lived by were Kim Possible, Totally Spies and Proud Family.

8. Dunk-A-Roos


When watching those cartoons, these bad boys were a great snack.

More importantly, if you had these at recess you were ruling that playground.




9. Flip Phones

giphy (1).gifI got my very first phone in grade five when I started walking home from school. It was a small pink Virgin Mobile flip phone that I absolutely adored. While it would be cool to have my flip phone back, I think I will stick with our phones now. I do not miss the way you had to double or triple click for other letters while texting. I could never reach the number of texts I send a day now with those buttons. Other kids had the phones with the slide out keyboard. But the one thing I had over them is that I could always look important when I ended a call on my flip.

10. Classic Youtube

Before all of the internet trolls existed, Youtube was just full of classic and weird videos that are now in the hall of fame of internet videos. When I had a friend over we would just play on the family computer and watch fgiphy (4).gifunny videos. Then at recess we would all share what we watched and come home with a list of things to go look for on Youtube. Now a days you can easily share things with just a tap of a button. In under a minute your friend can be watching what you just watched via text or the various social media apps. I hate to sound like those mad hipsters but we are the ones who organically used Youtube to share things with our friends. Kids will never know the struggle now if they can just pull out their new iPhone from their pocket at recess.

Some of my favourite’s were Fred, Charlie the Unicorn, The Duck Song, and most importantly, the iconic song Shoes.
Share with me some of your favourite throwbacks!


G2G now guys, brb with another post. ttyl

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My Tattoos

I got my first ever tattoo in July of 2015. I had prior thoughts about tattoos and how they were bad, but then I got obsessed, and now I love them. It is true what they say once you get one, you almost get addicted and want more and more. In this post I want to show all of mine and explain what they mean to me.


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.55.28 PMThis is the first one I got. It uses an upside down Treble Clef and a Bass Clef to create this pretty heart. I had always thought, if I was to get a tattoo this is what I would want. Flash forward to last summer, my mother came to me with an idea of getting tattoos together. We went back and forth with hundreds of ideas and I came across this one. I remembered this design from my thoughts years before and I knew it was the one. It represents the two of us coming together to make the heart. It also represents how music connected us. I started getting really into music as a kid and she was my biggest supporter. I LOVE the location of this tattoo. My mom got hers behind her neck, but its still the same design and shading.


TIME: 41 minutes



Next is my tiara finger tattoo. I had seen finger tattoos all over my Tumblr feed and I fell in love. There were so many different little images I wanted. I saw this King crow on a girls pointer finger and that was my inspiration for this. However,  I wanted something a little more personal. I loved Belle so much as a kid, and my aunt came up with the Belle tiara design for this. I wanted something fun and girly to show my personality. But also it brings back something I loved from my childhood.


TIME: 20 minutes

This tattoo is a really small simple = (equals sign). Miley Cyrus has a lot of small finger tattoos and I saw hers and loved it. I am very passionate about equality and human rights. I am also a large supporter in the LGBTQ+ community. That was myScreen Shot 2016-01-18 at 5.18.44 PM inspiration for this tattoo. I wanted to show my support, passion and love through this tattoo. Finger tattoos do fade and this one specifically gave me a lot of trouble. I had to get it touched up two times before it was done perfectly. This should be expected if you are looking into finger tattoos as they fade the quickest and everyones skin will react differently to the ink.


PAIN: 7/10

TIME: 3 minutes


This tattoo is one of my favourites and my most recent. This is the first quote/word tattoo I’ve done. It is a quote I had been thinking about ever since my first tattoo. The musical Wicked has been so important to me since I saw it in New York in 2012.

IMG_3594The storyline and the characters related to me and I have never stopped being obsessed with it. The quote comes from one of the most known, and most inspiring song from Wicked, ‘Defying Gravity’. It is basically a saying to stand out, beat the odds, and be you. I love this tattoo so much, and I love that its on the outside of my arm so everyone can see it 🙂

PAIN: 9/10

TIME: 9 minutes



– Jordan ❤

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My Obsession with Instagram

I love Instagram, and I am definitely guilty of saying “Is this Insta-worthy?” so I thought what better way to share my obsession with you than the ‘Instagram Tag’.

1. What is your Instagram name?
@jordancaroe    Go follow me! (shameless plug, shameless plug)
2. When did you get your Instagram?
October 2012
3. What was the first picture you posted on Instagram?
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.45.08 PM

Obviously its food. That can tell you a lot about who I am LOL
4. How often do you post pictures?
Maybe like once a week
5. What is your worst photo on Instagram?
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.47.27 PM
This selfie, because I had just gotten my hair done, but I hated the way she styled my hair so I was crying. I took this selfie maybe two minutes after I stopped crying so you can see how watery my eyes are LOL. It got some likes so I kept it up
6. What picture do you have the most likes on?
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.50.33 PM
My grad picture
7. Why did you get an Instagram?
Everyone else had it, and I love photography, so I thought it was a great platform
8. What type of accounts do you follow?
I follow friends, and people I know personally, I follow celebrities, some companies, and some people who inspire me
9. Is your Instagram private or public?
10. What are your favorite pictures that you have posted?
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.52.32 PM
I love this one because it shows my DIY Grad Cap and it shows my personality 😛
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.53.11 PM
I love this one because the cute kitty and my nose piercing and eyeliner is on point 😉
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.53.40 PM
And finally this one because I felt so beautiful and confident on my Prom day, and loved my makeup and hair
11. What is your most recent post?
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.55.31 PM
My Halloween post
12. What type of pictures do you post?
I post things I love. I definitely post selfies. I post clips of my music. And I post the people I love.

So there you have it! Again, my Instagram is @jordancaroe so go check it out (I know, another plug LOL)

Comment below with your Instagram accounts so I can follow you!

– Jordan ❤