My Tattoos

I got my first ever tattoo in July of 2015. I had prior thoughts about tattoos and how they were bad, but then I got obsessed, and now I love them. It is true what they say once you get one, you almost get addicted and want more and more. In this post I want to show all of mine and explain what they mean to me.


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.55.28 PMThis is the first one I got. It uses an upside down Treble Clef and a Bass Clef to create this pretty heart. I had always thought, if I was to get a tattoo this is what I would want. Flash forward to last summer, my mother came to me with an idea of getting tattoos together. We went back and forth with hundreds of ideas and I came across this one. I remembered this design from my thoughts years before and I knew it was the one. It represents the two of us coming together to make the heart. It also represents how music connected us. I started getting really into music as a kid and she was my biggest supporter. I LOVE the location of this tattoo. My mom got hers behind her neck, but its still the same design and shading.


TIME: 41 minutes



Next is my tiara finger tattoo. I had seen finger tattoos all over my Tumblr feed and I fell in love. There were so many different little images I wanted. I saw this King crow on a girls pointer finger and that was my inspiration for this. However,  I wanted something a little more personal. I loved Belle so much as a kid, and my aunt came up with the Belle tiara design for this. I wanted something fun and girly to show my personality. But also it brings back something I loved from my childhood.


TIME: 20 minutes

This tattoo is a really small simple = (equals sign). Miley Cyrus has a lot of small finger tattoos and I saw hers and loved it. I am very passionate about equality and human rights. I am also a large supporter in the LGBTQ+ community. That was myScreen Shot 2016-01-18 at 5.18.44 PM inspiration for this tattoo. I wanted to show my support, passion and love through this tattoo. Finger tattoos do fade and this one specifically gave me a lot of trouble. I had to get it touched up two times before it was done perfectly. This should be expected if you are looking into finger tattoos as they fade the quickest and everyones skin will react differently to the ink.


PAIN: 7/10

TIME: 3 minutes


This tattoo is one of my favourites and my most recent. This is the first quote/word tattoo I’ve done. It is a quote I had been thinking about ever since my first tattoo. The musical Wicked has been so important to me since I saw it in New York in 2012.

IMG_3594The storyline and the characters related to me and I have never stopped being obsessed with it. The quote comes from one of the most known, and most inspiring song from Wicked, ‘Defying Gravity’. It is basically a saying to stand out, beat the odds, and be you. I love this tattoo so much, and I love that its on the outside of my arm so everyone can see it 🙂

PAIN: 9/10

TIME: 9 minutes



– Jordan ❤

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